Our Team

Edwin Wargo, M.Ed. Executive Director/Chief Data Nerd & Teacher


Edwin’s fascination with helping the world, data, data science, machine learning, learning and epistemology is rooted in growing-up poor and his 20 year career as a K-12 teacher, community college instructor, district and school technology leader, and educational technology consultant.

Edwin is a Data Scientist/Nerd, Teacher, and Executive Director of 80/20 Data Literacy Learning Consortium.

Edwin is an advocate of open and accessible data to improve learning and decision-making

In addition to writing and speaking about technology and data, he has also given many presentations on learning and technology. Edwin has also served on local, state, and national technology committees.

He has met with senior advisors to President Obama, FTC Commissioner Terell McSweeny, and the NJ Senators’ staff about student data privacy. Edwin has completed a 100 hour a mentored Data Science practicum from Springboard with a professor from the University of Chicago. He earned a BS in Secondary Education-English/Communications from Penn State University and an M.Ed. in School Leadership from Wilmington University.

He can be reached at 856-404-0462 or [email protected]

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